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Mindjoy for Companies

Mindjoy for Companies

Support working parents.
Mindjoy for Companies helps companies support, retain and attract working parents by offering a unique benefit that acknowledges the unique journey of parenting in the new world of hybrid and remote.

🙌 Support Working Parents in 4 Easy Steps
#1 👩‍💻 Register as a Mindjoy Company
Once you have registered as a Mindjoy company we’ll set up a call and ensure you have everything you need to share Mindjoy with your team!
#2 💸 Purchase your Employee Benefit Memberships
Select the number of memberships you wish to purchase (we recommend 20 memberships per 200 employees).
#3 💌 Share Mindjoy with your Team
Employees sign up for Mindjoy using their company emails and a coupon code to verify users.
#4 🚀 We take it from there
Once employees sign up for Mindjoy they login to access their gifted memberships.
👩‍💻 What makes Mindjoy Awesome for working Parents?

Mindjoy’s online, small-group coding sessions for kids ages 8+ gives parents time to focus on work and on themselves knowing their kids are exploring the world of coding, technology and learning from vetted coaches in a facilitated, quality online learning environment. Furthermore, Mindjoy is connecting kids all over in a safe, online environment and growing critical skills such as digital literacy, coding, creativity and collaboration.
Reevaluate your current benefits package: With more companies entering the age of remote and hybrid workspaces, parents require benefit programs that meet the new demands of hybrid and remote work. Creating a supportive parent benefits program requires touching every stage of working parenting.
Giving parents a break
With Mindjoy, Companies can enable team members to focus on work and themselves knowing their kids are engaged and developing critical digital skills through quality, hands-on coding sessions from the convenience of their homes, facilitated by vetted coaches. As a bonus, kids love it and parents have a break.
🎙Amplify your awesomeness!
Parents, kids and companies ❤️ learning with Mindjoy that they can’t help but share it.

Don’t just take our word for it see what people are saying:
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Register for Mindjoy for Companies and gift working parents Mindjoy 😌 🎁 👩‍💻!


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