Launch, balances, maintenance of LS clients.

LS is launched only if you have at least $ 1000 in each of the quote currencies
Trading competiton and airdrop distr. they are launched a week after the listing
Before launching, you need to check the availability of money on the client's SPOT account, and the display of balances(if they are not displayed, there may be a problem with the API keys)
You need to make sure that you can maintain the spread on the pair. There must be 4 used decimal places left
0.0000034 - unacceptable price to launch
0.000003400 - acceptable
You also need to make sure that the pairs with BTC, ETH, are suitable for launching. To do this, you need to convert the price
If the start price is 0.7, then the price on the WACO/BTC pair will be
0.7/price BTC= 0.7/36000= 0,00001944, which is acceptable.
But if start price is 0.065, then XRE/BTC=0.00000180. So you need to change the price decimal to 9 digits 0,000001800
IJC/BTC = 0.000000250. You can't list such a pair, there are no 4 active characters.
Request for balances
Managers CS unit monitor the balance sheets of their projects. If the balance is less than $ 300, the manager requests a deposit from the client.
You need to check that the money will be transferred to the SPOT wallet. Otherwise, the bots will not work.
You can view the balances in the terminal
in the account field, you need to enter a coin.
In the asset field, you need to look at the coins (If the CTC2/USDT pair, we are interested in CTC2 and USDT assets)
assets must be on the SPOT account, this is necessary for bots to work correctly.
Available - these are free coins. Locked - coins used in bots.
If Available is close to 0, the bots may not have enough coins to work with.
Pair management
Manager should pay attention to the following parameters
1) The average spread (AVG 24h spread) is not more than 5% for 24h (you can view it in the widget in volume by pairs)
2) The volume (Volume $) is more than $ 20,000 for 24h (in the widget in volume by pairs)
3) Anomalies. The project has a lot of volume and it is high in the top of the latoken exchange, but at the same time empty glasses(columns +2% depth and -2% depth). This spoils the look of the top. The project can independently turn the volumes without notifying us.
If such a pair gets into the top 30 in terms of volume, it will greatly spoil our performance
These indicators are monitored by traders. In case of detection, you need to contact the project and ask to add money to the glasses, or lower the volume.
Notifications about the delist of pairs
You must unsubscribe to the #trading-derivatives channel 24 hours in advance about the upcoming delist with tag @Vadim Gagin and @trading_desk_team. TD must sell the coins before removing the pair

Changing the parameters of pairs
If TD needs to install additional bots on the pair(in order to reduce spread, increase trust score of coin, etc.), then we may need to change some parameters of the pair. Such as qty tick, decimal places, minimal allowed quantity, and others.
If the client is against any changes, you need to explain that they will benefit his coin(Improves the rating on CG and CMC)
If he refuses, please write to TD traders
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