Onboarding Guide For Leisa Fallon

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Onboarding Milestones


Following your first day, there a few key milestones that we’ll be working you through to ensure you have a smooth and complete transition into Amres. Below you’ll find a description of what those milestones are and what they entail. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your POC.

Milestone 1 - HR Information & IT Equipment

Your first milestone will be to have your meeting with HR and IT so they can discuss company benefits, how payroll works, and get your equipment set up so you can start your employment here at Amres. You should already have a meeting scheduled with them. If you have issues, or do not have a meeting set, please contact .

Milestone 2 - BAI Company Training

This milestone will consist of you getting all your BAI training completed. This is company policy and if these are not done, you will be out of compliance. Click the green button to go directly to the BAI Training portal. Time has been blocked on your calendar, to assure you have time to get this training completed your first week. If you have issues or questions, please contact James Dailey at .

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