Onboarding Guide For Christopher Tapia

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First Day Guide

To get you started this first week, I have listed a recap of what to expect....

Note from HR

You will receive an email from HR on your start date or before with instructions to create any accounts needed for your position such as payroll, benefits, etc. Should you not receive this information, or have any questions, please contact

Note from IT

Welcome to Amres! We have set you up with your own Amres email address, which can be used to facilitate effective business communication. In order to access your email, please use this link leading to Outlook:
Once the Outlook site is open, please follow the below steps:
Click the 'Sign in' button in the center of the page.
Your username will be your first initial, last name @amres.com
(Example for John Doe: jdoe@amres.com)
Your password will be: Password1!
After signing in, it should prompt you to change your password.
Next, click the option to send an authentication code via text message.
A text message authentication code should be sent to your cell phone number.
Please enter that number into the prompted box on the webpage.

You should now be logged into your Amres email account. Please use this account for all Amres communications.

If needed, please submit a for all technical and hardware questions.

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