Downloads, Extensions, and Plugins

- Use this for sales.
- Tracks when a lead opens and reads emails that you’ve sent. It also logs your email to and from them.
- Makes your writing better.

Used to find venues that aren’t open yet.
Google Alerts is set up to email a summary of the alert once a week.
Alerts are set to go to
Terms included
brewery opening
brewery set to open
sports bar opening
pizza opening
tavern set to open
tavern set to open
taproom opening
pub opening
pub set to open
bar opening(legal stuff will show up sometimes)

Parseur: Automatically extracts data from emails(google alert emails) to make new venue discovery easier.
Parseur Email Address:
Venue Search Database:
- “Scrapes direct personal emails from any niche all around the world”
What is it?
With GrowMeOrganic, you can scrape unlimited emails, phone numbers, websites, business details and a lot more about a highly targeted audience from Instagram.
Pick an influencer, other trivia company, venue, etc.
Use GrowMeOrganic to scrape their followers.
Further filter by strings in the bio. “Trivia Host” “Quizmaster” “Craft Beer” “Bar Owner”
Review results and attack.

Mass Email
Connect the GMassForGmail
Develop and offer or pitch for each niche venue(taproom, dive, sports bar)
Access “dummy” employee GSuite accounts. Confirm each account has a phone number and CTA in email signature.
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