We do not sell our trivia services. We educate the bar owner on who we are, how we do things, and manage their expectations.
Our sales strategy is deliberate and educational.

Sales Team
A successful trivia company relies on many different people in order to sell venues and more importantly, keep them. If we can’t staff a venue, the sales efforts were a waste.

Sales, Marketing, and Staffing have to work together in order to grow efficiently. All three departments need to have synergy.
Staffing tells sales about a host in an area, sales gets to work.
Sales team has a lead, tells Staffing. Staffing gets to work.
Marketing assists with ads to attract venues and/ or hosts, depending on the situation.

We need to help each other.
We have no hosting options in a certain area therefore, we can’t sell a trivia show.
Staffing alerts marketing.
Marketing creates an ad with geo targeting.
Staffing calls/connects with local improv and theatre troupes.
TriviaLAB/Local rep hangs fliers around town (starbucks etc)
Staffing id’s social groups.
Staffing alerts current TriviaLAB hosts.

The Goal of the Sales Process
We educate venue owners on how our game works, how to prepare for success, and what to expect.

Questions You’ll Get Asked
How Much?
Do you have a following?
How many teams will I have?
What prizes should we give away?
Who will be my host?
Can you start “soon”?
What happens if I want to cancel?

We do not sell a venue if we don’t have a host option.
No venue will be launched with less than 21 days of lead time.
Our host can not accept payment.

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