What MailShake says: "Put your email outreach on autopilot. Turn cold prospects into warm leads with automated prospecting outreach via email, social, and phone."
What we say: Mailshake allows us to cold email venues up to five times with pre-populated content as well as assign tasks for that lead, make phone calls, and reminders to follow up on social media.
Start Here
Scrub your list, every time.
Edit the venue name into a more casual name like "Partner's" instead of "Partner's II Pizza". Remove "Brewing" "Co.", "Company", "Sports Bar" and other generic names. Doing this will make the cold email feel warmer.
Avoid using stop words: Free, dollar signs, emojis,
Minimize the number of links & images: 2-3 links including the unsubscribe link.
Don't make the email about you: Hi, my name is Mike from TriviaLAB.
Ask them questions. Are you looking to add trivia back in?
Keep the email short. 2-4 sentences: Mobile friendly
Simple and clear CTA at the end.
Warm up the lead on social media.
Include Social Proof. "TriviaLAB works with 50 breweries in the southeast."
Never say "just following up". Provide value instead.
5-7 between follow ups.
Want to print your doc?
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Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
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