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We do not sell our trivia services. We educate the bar owner on who we are, how we do things, and manage their expectations.
There are two things that outweigh everything when it comes to being successful at trivia sales.
Research, Persistence, and Organization
Research the venue before you do anything else.
Answer these # questions
Do they have a trivia night?
Do you think the venue will be successful?
What angle will you use to approach the venue?

Recording information into our CRM and spreadsheets is crucial to determining what kind and when your next steps are with a lead. Keeping the information organized makes this job a lot easier and you’ll be more successful.
You will close a deal the same day you make first contact with a new venue 1 out of 100 times. This means you will need to follow up with the venue multiple times over weeks or even months. You need to have persistence in order to close nearly all deals.
Attract, Engage, Delight
Goal setting is the first step to being a successful sales person.
We do not sell anything. We educate and inform venue owners.
Record keeping is crucial to achieving our goals.
Always have a plan.
First impressions matter.
Communication needs to be quick.
Always provide value.
Never guarantee anything.
Downloads, Extensions, and Plugins

- Use this for sales.
- Tracks when a lead opens and reads emails that you’ve sent. It also logs your email to and from them.
- Makes your writing better.
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