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Kick Back & Get Some Creative Juices Flowing Using These USPs to Create Scripts and Other Material

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Is created for marketers and advertisers who want to stay ahead of the curve and not get replaced by people who took initiative. How? Advertising strategy designed for 2023 not 2015, using technology and automation to create a faster and BETTER output. (I HATE ‘case studies’ but if you want to take that angle then refer to the for a folder of them).

It’s a programme not a course. Meaning it’s updated regularly, has a community driven approach that listens to its users. We even guarantee that at least one module or lesson will be added every month.

In a rapidly changing industry (much faster than normal) there are no other courses at this level that are combining what is shaping our future (AI & Automation) and the advertising industry specifically and marketing industry.

Course created by Mike Coombe who has spent more than 7 years in the marketing and advertising industry FULL TIME and self employed. This is important because Lisa from next door could say this but in actual fact it turns out they are just the receptionist at Vayner Media. = Mike has made up to $30,000 per month as a self employed advertiser/marketing consultant consistently for over 7 years. - use this to your advantage, it doesn’t matter if they don’t know who Mike is, that’s not the point.

Industry specific apps that are powered by AI will be added to the programmes platform for all users to have. The first app you’d pay around $1000-$2000 for and this is just the first one. To be transparent, I have a list of over 10 apps to add to Elevate Pro, one of them I had to take out because I’m going to market with it, the others are to benefit all students. But... having a group of Beta testers who will understand the value after taking the course will allow for quick testing of all apps with the likelihood of going to market with another.

All users are permitted to access all course material including the apps (unless one goes to market it may need to be taken off) for life.

An ENTIRE additional course on creative strategy. < people will pay 1k for this 100%. It’s a very in demand job role right now as it should be and using this in my opinion should be an integral part of your marketing of the programme right now (because it’s hot).

New courses will be added when needed. I already have the AI & Automation Sales course being released Sunday 30th July. This is a beginners course to outbound sales, but it still goes into A LOT of detail. WHy a sales course? Because there is a HUGE emerging business model that WILL (I’m saying this from experience and common sense) take over the marketing agency space at that beginner/intermediate level.
And it’s currently WIDE OPEN. There is one community I’ve found so far that has grown to over 20,000 members in about 4 months and it’s the most active groups I’ve ever been in. Basically it’s a gold mine. Trends like these I find, research to the point of being very knowledgeable on them and either take action on them or let people know. This one I’m taking action on and letting people know. I’m essentially in a race to create the first AI & Automation Agency FULL course with one person - Liam Otterly, who for once isn’t a pr*ck like most other agency owners (apologies if you are, I can be a pr*ck as well). And FYI I know this isn’t a new business model, in fact it’s been around at the enterprise level for a long time, focusing on automating business systems. However, it’s never reached that mid to low market position and there’s never been a time in history where people with no coding experience can build out business solutions that would have cost 10s of thousands 5-6 years ago. Advantage? The vast majority do not have a clue about business. So when they do their little ‘audit’ they don’t even know what a fucking VA is let alone replace them using automation and AI.
A very generous affiliate programme as well as a very generous referral scheme. The difference between the two are that the affiliate team are here to make a sh*t load of money and the referral students just want to make a quick buck by referring a friend.

So that’s a solid list of completely unique selling points for this programme. It’s our jobs to work out together how to convey these points to people so all affiliates are encouraged to share any methods that are working for them. Note, this is not required at all but sharing them with Mike will accelerate programme growth which will mean everyone on the affiliate team will benefit.

Important Additional Notes

We’re launching Elevate Edge in the next 2 weeks which is an organisation that offers custom Automation and AI solutions to businesses in the elearning, consultancy and marketing agency industries. Essentially we’ll be building out various mini apps to fill all the holes in business processes, ensuring their current systems are as efficient as possible and eliminating any waste (such as software and staff). This benefits the programme as it positions the Elevate brand as one of the only multi business organisation within these spaces. Thi increases trust, interest and allows for a multitude of benefits which will all trickle down to all affiliates as you’re the driving force for the first phase of the 1st programme.

A new landing page is being built out and will be finished soon (see road map). Anything YOU want included on that landing page/funnel please let me know ASAP as you’ll be getting feedback from people and that feedback needs to be submitted back to Elevate Pro in order to make better marketing material. This includes all objections and other interesting information (call recordings would be perfect).

Ads will start from the company side once we have regular sales coming in. I will work out a % of all sales from ads to go to affiliates as well. Again you’re powering the first stage and this is all incentive to bust your balls to sell. Ads going live will be put onto the road map in the next couple of months (hopefully earlier).

I’m creating an affiliate bonus scheme as well as a drop off limit, once this is created, it will be completely automated via Airtable, Teachable and Stripe. I need some benchmarks to base this off first though.

There will be a roadmap which can be found here of all upcoming changes and additions to the programme so you’re kept up to date and can use this information in your marketing material.

A full list of additional apps, modules, lessons and plans will be available to select affiliates that choose to sign an NDA and have shown consistency in sales and that me and Jelani deem fit. The reason being is, this is sensitive information that can be leaked, stolen, etc. But as a teaser, if you’re worried about taking your job, stop. We’ve got it covered.

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