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Course Overview & Key Selling Points

The course covers project management, research, creativity, and advertising strategy. It aims to teach how to properly advertise and market a business using AI and automation.
There is a community Slack group for students to join.
The course teaches project management fundamentals like agile and scrum which are important for running a business. AI tools are used to automate project management which is demonstrated by setting up a project management environment in 15 minutes.
A big focus is on research and data analysis to understand target audiences. It covers how to scrape and analyze social media comments and other conversations to uncover insights.
For creativity, it includes guides on using AI like Midjourney to create images and copywriting templates. There are lessons on CreativeOS which is a templatized way to make ads faster.
The advertising strategy section teaches tried and tested methods the top advertisers have used for decades. It aims to get back to understanding advertising is about understanding people's minds.
The course could be good for those looking to start their own agency or improve their marketing as it covers project management, research, creativity, and strategy.
There are plans to potentially combine it with a sales course to make a full "create your own marketing agency" type course.
The key strengths seem to be the research and advertising strategy parts which aim to teach methods not found in other courses. AI and automation is leveraged throughout.
In Mike’s Words:

Elevate Pro is a programme designed for advertising professionals that want to solidify their core knowledge in digital advertising and learn how to do it better and more than twice as fast using AI & automation.

Elevate Pro is also for intermediate advertisers that are looking to level up and gain the skills needed to work in a senior media or even CMO role. Again, in the process doing the job twice as fast.

It teaches the real core fundamentals that have slowly been lost in a sea of shit content from un-qualified YouTubers and other ‘influencers’, even in some very expensive and well created courses they completely miss the point or completely leave these fundamentals out.

I’ve taken all of these courses, and I’ve made sure that the Elevate Pro programme is simply... better than all of them, and it is. The real kicker? This is NOTHING to what it’s going to become. By week 1 of August there will be the first Elevate Pro app launch, for all subscribers to use for free.

It turns out there are a lot of problems with the advertising/marketing industry and as my own personal learning into AI, automation and programming continues, the more and more opportunities I can see to solve these problems. And I’m willing to give all of them (nearly all of them) away to all Elevate Pro members.

The programme is 100% complete along side Nicole's creative strategy which teaches you how to become a creative strategist (one of the most in demand jobs right now) hint hint hit up indeed or other job boards/learning communities for people who want to be a creative strategist.

The kicker? In my own head, the course is about 15% complete. I have so much more to add it’s overwhelming to think about. But I’ll bullet point the selling points .
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