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Kid Tracker for the Modern Adult

Kid Tracker for the Modern Adult

A doc to help you keep track of the babies and other kiddos in your life
Do you have nieces and nephews? Do your friends also have a bunch of kids? Are you bad at remembering their names, ages, and do you find yourself scrambling to find gifts at the last minute for their birthdays and holidays?
I regularly found myself digging in emails and searching old texts to find the message where the parents’ announced the birth of their kid, and then backing into birth year to figure out how old the kid is, etc.
I built this doc to help you track all of these details and also to give you a cheat sheet and place to remember all of friends/kids, ages, etc. This doc also leverages Coda’s to generate you some last-minute gift ideas and also some small talk conversation topic starters. Click
to learn how to set it up.

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to start tracking these small humans and appear to be a better and more thoughtful person to your friends, family and loved ones!

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