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Charminar Indian
Charminar: Dil Se Hyderabadi - A Symphony of Coventry Car Elegance & Indian Grandeur
Design Concept:
The "Charminar" restaurant, taking its name from one of Hyderabad's iconic historical landmarks, aims to offer an exquisite blend of Coventry's rich automotive history with the grandeur of Indian aesthetics. The design concept will be an amalgamation of modern sleekness with touches of classical Indian elegance, evoking a sense of nostalgia while embracing the comforts of the contemporary.
As guests walk in, they're greeted by a grand doorway reminiscent of the Charminar arches. Right above, an ornate chandelier, inspired by the intricate patterns of Indian jewelry, illuminates the area. Just beside the entrance, in a glass enclosure, stands a vintage Jaguar, showcasing Coventry's automobile legacy, draped subtly with Indian fabrics.
Main Dining Area:
Seating: Upholstered chairs in luxurious Indian fabrics, juxtaposed with sleek and contemporary tables.
Walls: A combination of exposed brick (a nod to Coventry’s industrial past) and walls adorned with traditional Indian patterns. Interspersed between are framed vintage car advertisements and photographs of Coventry's automotive glory days.
Ceiling: Modern, minimalist with hanging pendant lights inspired by the lanterns seen in Indian palaces.
Buffet Area:
Counters: Marble countertops displaying a lavish spread of Indian dishes. The facade of the counter mimics the grille of classic cars from Coventry.
Decor: Above the buffet, a dynamic mural showcases a bustling Indian market scene with a classic Coventry car parked amidst the chaos, bridging the two worlds together.
Private Dining/Party Area:
Seating: Booths and private alcoves for families and parties, each designed like a vintage car interior, complete with car seat upholstery and subtle dashboard elements.
Walls: Panoramic wallpaper showing the streets of Hyderabad with classic cars cruising, merging the narratives of Coventry and Hyderabad.
Bar Area:
Bar Counter: A sleek, modern design infused with elements like a gear stick tap handle, seatbelt bar stools, and dashboard decor.
Back Wall: A mosaic of classic car badges interspersed with Indian motifs.
Outdoor Patio:
A serene space with hanging gardens, fountains inspired by Indian architecture, and seating arrangements designed to resemble the interiors of vintage convertibles.
Unique Features:
Interactive Touchpoints: Digital screens where guests can virtually "drive" classic Coventry cars through the streets of Hyderabad.
Sound Ambiance: Gentle background music combining the hum of classic car engines with traditional Indian tunes.
In essence, the Charminar restaurant, with its tagline "Dil Se Hyderabadi," is not just a dining space but a journey through time and geography. It offers its patrons a taste of Hyderabad’s heart, while they are enveloped in the elegant embrace of Coventry's automotive history. ​
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