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Michelle's Murder Masquerade

For Attendees: Your Character Info

Thank you for confirming your attendance to our Masquerade Ball. We at Masq Manor are dying to have you.

Below, you will find a reminder about your character. Fill in your email and you should see a card show up with your character information.

You will not need to prepare anything except your costume for the event, but we figured it’d be helpful for you to get some small insight into your chosen character and what they may wear and how they may act.

Some good resources for picking out your masks and costumes:
Your Character Info
Your Email:
Please enter the email you used to fill out the RSVP form in order to see information about your character below.

If you click into your character, you will get a pop up with the intro background into your character and their motivation. This is the “Intro Info” file (3 short pages). You do not need to read this beforehand, but it is recommended just go get some idea and prepare yourself as you wish.

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