Raiding rules

Before joining a raid:

You should always prepare before the raid, including but not limited to:
had sufficient knowledge about bosses spell and different phases.
related potion, elixir, or flask.
show your attendance status no matter you can join or not.
read as much information about our

Item classify:

we list all loots priority and item guild level, here is the explanation:
: item will be loot ONLY by priority list.
: item will be loot by note and major upgrade will have higher priority, e.g. note as prior by class
all others
: item will be rolled by everyone, but generally, main spec over than off-spec, be gently ask before you call.
September 6, 2021 12:51 AM

Loot List


I can't see the page in
please make sure you have a role in discord, if you can't log in via your discord, please post in #ask-for-raid-role for a raider role.
How can I be list on the priority list?
Please contact @Otherguy or @Blink directly.
I think some items shouldn't be S or A.
Please contact @Otherguy or @Blink.

Attendance Points

The Attendance Points (AP) will be our major basis for selecting people for Magtheridon's Lair and progression raid in upcoming phases, as well as loot distribution. Before it sets in, we’ll hand pick raid spots for Magtheridon's Lair first.
The AP set for each raid activity is 1. Under-performance (lack of preparation etc.) will result in a deduction of AP (25%, 50%, 75% based on the performance).
The Product of AP will be used for picking raid spots so that people reaching 70 later (or slower) wouldn’t be affected.
The Sum of AP will be used for loot distribution to reward those who join more raids (or join earlier) and perform well.
Both raid activities of <Drop Ignite> and <Fortuna> will be recorded.
The AP will only be used as a personal assessment, and it won't be affected by the progress of the activities.
The AP will be marked on
The AP for the first couple of weeks will also be marked by the end of this reset.


Refer page Performance review.


Remember to register on
with your discord and update your current gear. We use it heavily.
Remember to signup on discord's signup channel for every raid no matter you can or you can't join.

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