P2 Looting

When putting down your wishlist for tokens and quest items, list the tokens/items themselves instead of the exact gear.
For example Verdant Sphere instead of The Sun King's Talisman, and Helm of the Vanquished Defender instead of Cowl of the Avatar
For tokens and quest items, we’ll generally follow a rule that tanks/healers will have priority over DPS for the sake of progression.
For recipes, bop recipes with boe gears will be distributed to the designated people, and then everyone else can apply through me and get the mats excluding vortex ready. In that case, you won't have to use another slot in the wishlist. Those recipes with bop gears, however, will be distributed either by wishlist or roll if it’s on no one’s wishlist.
For Drop Ignite, tailoring → Otherguy, Leatherworking/Blacksmithing → Ist
Our tanks are kind enough to prepare frost/nature/fire/Arcane resist gears themselves, therefore they’d have priorities in 3 gears out of 5 in their wishlist.
Any sign of lack of preparation, including but not limited to no idea of mechanism for boss/mob fight and/or not enough consumables, will cost you the chance of getting any loot from that fight, and a lower priority of all gears in any raids whatsoever.
If you need to update your wishlist ONLY because of what is mentioned above, let us know.

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