Looting rules

You should attend our raid over 4 weeks (full raid, including standby), before 4 weeks, you only roll after other raiders MS. (Karazhan will be 2 weeks)
You should log in to
with your discord account
You can see top-left there is a 'Loot' dropdown, you can select all raid instance items
You can see all items drop in a list (if an item is classified, will be shown before the item name).
Should any dispute/concern raises, Tier S/A items will be distributed at Raid Leader's discretion.


For all items classified as S
will be strictly looted
by Prio's order(priority order).
for example:
item A:
Prio's: 1. Fahrenheit, 2. Blink, 3. Evilgenius

in this case will be looted by Fahrenheit.
For all items classified as A
will be looted by class priority and raiders upgrade.
for example:
item A:
is major upgrade Shurrik,
is major upgrade Ist,
is minor upgrade Fy

in this case, it will be Shurrik and Ist roll, the higher will get loot.
For other items not been classified
will be rolled for MS>OS (in MS, major upgrade > minor upgrade)
You should use MS roll if you will immediately equip the gear(not required), or better ask others before you roll and you kindly pass will be a part of guild contribution.

Wish list:

P2 wish-list: limited to 5 items.
You can add items you want to your wish list, every phase you will have different limitations.
You can only roll in 25man raid if you list items in your wish list as main spec ****(all tiers included)
if no one list in the wish list, all main spec roll.
If no main spec call, all raiders can roll including off-spec.

Q & A:

how can i add into priority list?
You can easily add any item into your wish list. In short, once it in your wish list you are in the queue
how prioritise S tier items?
All great in review-rules and also considering as guild reputation.
how prioritise A tier items?
A tier will usually note which class will be higher priority and major upgrade > minor upgrade in main spec

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