Issues and Suggestions - Shared with the Coda team
Issues and Suggestions - Shared with the Coda team
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Coda - open issues and suggestions

Coda - open issues and suggestions

This is my personal list of all issues and suggestions relevant to my personal work with Coda. I have already reported almost all of them to the Coda Team. In this document I keep the current state in evidence (from my point of view).
New Typography
Still unsolved...
[Partly SOLVED] Issue - Three different spacings between paragraphs
[Partly SOLVED] Missing feature - Layout columns cannot be copied, moved or deleted as a whole
Suggestion - Remove text formatting options for line separators
Issue - Cards on canvas: Cover image doesn't fit into card (is not cropped)
Android App - Illogical behavior of the navigation
Issue - code block shows links instead of the URL
Issue - 4-column layout in full width: Problem selecting text in first and last column
[Almost Solved] Issue - Unable to place the cursor between images on canvas columns
Issue - Image handles appear at image full view
Issue - Firefox displays text before/after cards differently
Issue - Selecting an image
Issue - Delete first line on card canvas
Issue/Suggestion - Inconsistencies in context menus for paragraphs and text
Issue - Cards view: hidden cover images are still displayed
Issue/Suggestion - Redundant information in popups
Issue/Suggestion - Code block consists of formatted paragraphs
Issue/Suggestion - Images can be inserted in columns of type "text"
Issue/Suggestion - Inline buttons without spacing at line break on mobile devices
Issue/Suggestion - Selecting block elements
Suggestion - Simple “Read only” feature for Pro users
Suggestion - Highlighting a selected paragraph
Suggestion - Insert new paragraphs also to the right and left
Suggestion - collapse all/expand all feature for page tree
Suggestion - Enhancements to the context menu
Suggestion - Custom background for images
Suggestion - Enhance appearance of embedded PDFs (in general and in columns)

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