2023 Budget Summary

2022 YTD (Nov 30)
All Contributions
Other Giving
Memorial Giving/Bequests
Denominational Grants
Rental Income
Other Income
There are no rows in this table
Income Notes
All Contributions: Financial gifts from members and attenders of Bethel Community, as well as folks who are not members or regular attenders of Bethel Community, but who are or have been making financial contributions as a way to support the mission and vision of our faith community.
FOR 2023: After taking a survey of all financial contributors to Bethel Community, we have budgeted $200,000 in financial gifts from members and regular attenders, and $18,000 from folks who are not members or regular attenders, for a total of $218,000.
Other Giving: Other financial gifts made to Bethel Community. In the past, these have been loose cash offerings, offerings taken for special occasions, or contributions to the Per Capita that our church gives to the San Francisco Presbytery and the national PC(USA) denomination.
Memorial Giving/Bequests: Financial gifts made in memory of members or attenders who have passed away
Denominational Grants: Grants we receive from regional or national denominational bodies
Rental Income: Financial offerings we receive for the use of our facilities.
T-Mobile: Fees we receive from leasing a part of our property to T-Mobile for the purposes of building and maintaining a cell tower
Manse: The church is the trustee for a house in San Leandro; currently we are using it to provide below-market rate housing for a local family
Event Fees: Community events hosted at our church facility
San Leandro Community Food Pantry: The Food Pantry fee is used to cover the costs of the space and resources they use as a part of their operation
SL 2050 Community Garden: For the next two years, San Leandro 2050 will pay us a fee as they start up the community garden
Bancroft Village: This is the micro-housing project we are working on in partnership with Firm Foundation Community Housing.
FOR 2023: When the structures are built and the residents move in, Bethel Community will be receiving a monthly fee as a part of our hosting the homes, as well as rent from the service provider who will use some of our church space to run programs
Other Income: Income that comes from financial products to which we are connected.
Brown Fund: an interest-bearing account we hold with the PC(USA) denomination
Interest Income
2022 YTD (Nov 30)
Children's Ministries
Community Life
Personnel and Payroll
PC(USA) Giving
Office and Operations
Property, Plant and Equipment
Loan Payments
There are no rows in this table
Expense Notes
Outreach: How we connect with and build partnerships with local community members and other organizations
FOR 2023: Increases in this category are to give us the opportunity to partner more intentionally with local and other organizations
Children and Family Ministries: Supplies related to the spaces we create for children and family ministries
FOR 2023: Increases are to account for the increase in children we are seeing on Sundays, as well as the desire to create more space for parents to connect.
Community Life: Expenses related to our church-wide gatherings
FOR 2023: Increases in this category are due to an increase in overall attendance, which means there will be more people to host at our church-wide events
Worship: Expenses related to our sanctuary and hybrid gatherings
FOR 2023: Increases in this category will allow us to upgrade vital and aging audio equipment
Personnel and Payroll: Fees and salaries of most personnel that work with Bethel Community
FOR 2023: Increases in this category are due to increases in Erina and Michael’s overall compensation (see for more details)
PC(USA) Giving: In the PC(USA) denomination, each church is asked to contribute a certain amount (for 2023: $38) per member that goes toward supporting the denomination at various levels. In addition, we will be making a contribution to Presbytery of San Francisco (our most immediately local denominational body) that will be used to support local congregations and initiatives, especially those that align with the core values of PC(USA)’s Matthew 25 initiative: building congregational vitality, dismantling structural racism, and eradicating systemic poverty.
FOR 2023: Increases in this category are due to an increase in members
Tech: Expenses related to the purchasing, repair, and maintenance of technology and internet assets
Office, Operations, Administration: General church operations and administration expenses, office supplies, equipment, and upkeep
Property, Plant, Equipment: Expenses related to general upkeep of the properties kept in trust of Bethel Community (church facility, home located in San Leandro).
FOR 2023: Increases in this category are due to the rising costs of electricity, as well as the establishment of a line item for janitorial supplies
Loan Payments:
FOR 2023: In 2022, we used some of our surplus funds to pay off the loan we were carrying for the classroom wing roof. Therefore, we currently have no outstanding loans.
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