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PA Onboarding Quick Guide


Physical Equipment
Radios/Batteries/Mobile Desk
Because our schedules are overlapped with the previous shift, it can be difficult to find radios when you first come in
You can check the following places:
Security Desk (radio batteries only)
Office/Leadership Hub
Stand-up Desk
Problem Solve Desk (This is where batteries for the mobile desk are at)
Inbound Desk
Carts Desk
With PAs/AMs from the previous sort
Partner with a PA on the other half of the week that you can share the same computer. Use the in the HUB to print off a name tag for your computer.
Labor Tracking Codes
Talk to learning to ensure you get your own set of labor tracking codes ASAP
While this is the current process, a new standard is being rolled out in which labor tracking will be done via the computer in order to maintain training compliance.
PA Vest
Talk to your AM/OM to ensure you get your own PA vest ASAP
You can use the label maker in the HUB to print your name tag
Talk to your AM/OM to ensure you get your own Zukey ASAP.
This is needed to access certain applications. Without it, you will be unable to fulfill all your PA responsibilities.
Do your absolute best to not loose it. It is quite the headache to have to talk to IT to get an entirely new one registered for you
Setting up Communication Channels
Chime is the messaging platform Amazon uses to communicate during/between sorts
(chime should automatically be downloaded on all work computers)
Chime Groups
Talk to any PA or AM to make sure you are invited to all chime groups. There will be chime groups that are for all leadership but there are also chime groups that are specific to your schedule (FH/BH, etc.) It is up to you to communicate with your fellow PAs and AMs to ensure you are in all necessary groups. Below is a list (not comprehensive) that all PAs should be included in.
PDX5 Atlas
PDX5 IB Load Update
PDX5 Carts/Outbound
Operations PA
PDX5 Yard Moves
PDX5 Sort Headcount Reporting
New PA Support Group
PDX5 Unicorns (ALL)
IB SLA Escalations
Learning/OPS LHQ
Outlook is used to communicate reports, ongoing projects and larger changes happening at PDX5.
Email Lists
Use to register to be apart of all emails for PAs
Setting Up Filters
There can be an overwhelming amount of emails. It’s crucial to set up filter so that you’re able to quickly find what you’re looking for. The essential filters are as follows
A filter for each of your AMs
A filter for
Filters for each automated emails
[ WSSW / PDX5 ] Waterspider Standard Work
DOP (Daily Operation Plans)
You can find a step-by-step method to set up filter
Booking a Meeting Room
Team, please be aware that we are no longer using Skedda for room booking. Please use the built-in function in Outlook. Create a new Meeting (not appointment, requires more than one attendee) and enable Room Finder with the button circled in the screenshot. Then find PDX5 Conf Rooms in the room lists on the right hand side. Our 2 bookable spaces will show if they are available. If they are already booked, they will not be displayed.
Setting up Swag Bucks
Use this link to check your
If you don’t have one set up yet, you’ll need to contact someone from HR to get your account set up
Each 1st of the month you are given 400 new swag bucks to give out
You’ll loose whatever you haven’t given out at the end of the month
One of the reasons amazon has been so successful is because of their commitment to collect and make decisions based on data. As a PA, you’ll have multiple different tools to help you access and organize this data. There are often times when AMs don’t know how to access or interpret the data and the responsibility falls into the lap of the prepared PA to do so. Know the in’s and out’s of your tools and they will serve you well.
Below is a (mostly) comprehensive list of all the tools you’ll use and their use cases. MAKE SURE YOU WATCH THE AVAILABLE TRAINING VIDEOS.
Software Access
The first step in your process is to actually get access to these tools.
Fellow the steps below to get access.
Talk to your AM about putting in a ticket to learning (they are the only ones able to grant you access).
Make the request online
Account name → PDX5
Dock Outbound Associate
Inbound Associate
Outbound Associate
Sortation Resources Manager
VISTA Super Users
Warehouse Associate
Warehouse Manager
“Talked with {AM’s name} to partner with {PA’s name} to learn {OB/IB/Carts/etc.}”
Make sure you follow up with your AM, PA, and learning to validate that they did indeed receive the request and were able to work on it.
At the same time, make sure that you demonstrate patience. As you will quickly learn, all of leadership has a lot on their hands and it can sometimes take a while for them to get to these less urgent requests
Watch the Training videos below for an introduction on how to use the software
Use Case
Training Video
Manage the incoming volume and mix
Track sorted volume for sort, TOT, employee ID lookup
View assigned roster for shift
Freight Management Console, track trailer loads
Identify associates trained in a particular role, find learning compliances
Track the flow of segments on a line graph
Use when tracking AZNG trailers when they are not accurately tracking on FMC. Only downside is you can only track one at a time. Just past the VRID into the search fleets bar.
flow to lanes monitor
Tool that sees scanning errors and lets you send messages to the scanner devices
Used to submit quality audits on incoming loads
Used to identify details of packages such as specific contents
Formerly resource management, used to print aztecs
Send messages to associates on their scanners
Google sheet document used to estimate flow
Live TDR status of dock doors
Log projects and get credit for improvements you are taking on
Assess and record quality of pallets
Inbound Volume Availability
15 minute flows, volume mix, benchmark percentages
Sort Center Reporting Hub ()
Yard management/dashboard
Shoe sign ups
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