Modern Recruitment (Hack Ver.)

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For privacy reasons, parts of this doc will not work being publish.

For example, my zoom meeting aren’t currently connected since I don’t want to leak all of my meeting info.
Some buttons just don’t work in publish mode or open in new windows. (things like the detailed view button.
Watch the video to get the full picture of this doc!

About Pt. 2 of this Template (The Public Job Board)

The public job board is very much a part of this template! They work together, but unfortunately cannot be included in the same doc. If you share one part of a doc publicly, you share everything! So they have to be seperate.

Setting up the entire doc from scratch only takes around 3 minutes!

Starting from scratch and including the Pt. 2 of this template, it only takes about 3 minutes to connect everything! Other than that, just import all of your existing job listings.
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