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Release Notes: April 23rd, 2024

Release notes - Publishing - 3.0.2
On April 23rd, 2024 at 8:00 pm CST we released a new version of the Publishing Solution.
Below are the updates and fixes we made to the platform.

Bug Fixes:

Media Library:
Unable to Delete Files in Media Library Folders
When you create a post from media library, in Compose - no customization Tabs are available and media is not copied
Compose: Displays validation error submitting post; it doesn't go away after fixing it
Compose is showing you an error immediately before you do anything in the form
Compose: link preview not working
Maximum 5 Images Error - Facebook validation
LinkedIn Posting Wrong Media/Wrong Preview
Publishing/Saving Private URL throws 500 and EUNK Errors
Post details: Unable to Filter Status on Posts
Content Engine Queries aren't filtering by domain
Content Library:
Content Library: Cannot Move Posts with Media Between Folders in
Content Library: Instagram Posts Reverting to Post as Post Type


Create Django Admin - Social network north star metrics for Internal
Migrate Datadog Docker Image Repository from DockerHub to ECR

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