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We celebrate complexity

Here, we’d love to write about the experience design team’s mission and vision to really compel people to apply. We’ll cover...
The DX philosophy
What developer experience is, and why it’s the challenge of a professional lifetime for a UXpert. (Your skills will never have been challenged like this before...)
The journey you’re on
Particularly the knowledge pillars you’re building within the team: craft, users, product and market.
The destination
Your vision of a New Relic that champions DX: data-driven decisions in every meeting, a culture of user-centricity, etc.
A call-to-action
A little bit of the ‘join us’ message for the specific kind of person you’re after:
Input needed: we think that between our chat with Angela on the 10th and , we have everything we need for this – but of course, let us know if we’re missing any points.

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