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MeetMyBrian is a visitor management system specifically designed for care homes. Before the pandemic, care homes had an open-door visiting policy. However, with the introduction of Covid-19, care home visiting has become linked to the residents' safety, infection control, human rights, isolation, and wellbeing.
To address these challenges, we have developed two solutions: a family visitor booking service and a visitor sign-in app. These solutions aim to streamline visit bookings, improve infection control policies, and meet regulatory requirements for data privacy in care homes.

Family Visitor Booking

Our custom-developed family visitor booking service allows care homes to easily make last-minute changes to visiting conditions while keeping everyone informed. This easy-to-use web portal helps care homes comply with regulations and features over 13 advanced settings to balance the safety and well being of residents while following CQC guidelines.

Visitor Sign-in App

Our visitor sign-in app helps care homes in the UK comply with regulations by accurately monitoring and recording information about visitors entering and leaving the building. This is especially important for protecting the vulnerable groups living in care homes. Our app makes it easy for staff to manage visitor logs and ensure compliance with regulations and data protection laws.

Business Opportunity

Infection control is vital in care homes, as residents are at higher risk of illness due to age and underlying health issues. Care homes must also have plans in place and staff trained to respond effectively to outbreaks of infectious diseases.
Care homes have historically imposed visitor restrictions during outbreaks of infectious diseases, E.g. norovirus, scabies etc. The demand for a visitor management system in care homes has increased significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic.
MeetMyBrian is a custom developed solution that is specifically designed for care homes and is currently the only one of its kind.
As care homes around the world face the challenge of managing visitors during infectious outbreaks, there is a significant opportunity for MeetMyBrian to meet this need and grow the business.

Market Opportunity

MeetMyBrian is poised to take advantage of the lucrative care home market in the UK, which is worth an estimated £15.9 billion/year and serves around 410,000 residents.
With 17,598 care homes in the country, there is a significant opportunity for our custom-made visitor management system, which is specifically designed for the care home sector.
While there are other visitor booking systems on the market, most are geared towards the retail industry. As such, MeetMyBrian has a unique offering and strong growth potential both nationally and internationally.
MeetMyBrian is the only visitor management system on the market that offers both a comprehensive visitor sign-in app and a family visitor booking service. By bundling these services together at a competitive price, we believe we have a strong competitive advantage in the market.


As of January 2021, we have released our first MVP and have achieved the following milestones to date;

Pricing Strategy

Our pricing strategy has evolved since we first launched our service in January 2021.
Initially, we offered our service for £35 per month. However, in early 2022, we decided to increase the price to £50 per month for new customers while keeping the price unchanged for our existing customers.
All of our current customers are using only the Family visitor booking service. Moving forward, we plan to include the sign-in app with our service and increase the subscription price to £75 per month. This will allow us to continue improving and expanding our offerings while also remaining competitive in the market.

Competitive Advantage

MeetMyBrian offers a unique combination of a visitor sign-in app and a dedicated family visitor booking service at a competitive price of £75 per month (excluding VAT). This price point is significantly lower than other options on the market that only offer a standard visitor sign-in app, which typically ranges from £35 to £50 per month (excluding VAT).
We have already identified clients who are ready to upgrade to our combined service, which validates our hypothesis that this pricing model is competitive and attractive to the care home market.
Currently, we are unable to scale and meet customer demand for our sign-in app due to a lack of technical team support.

Financial Projection

MeetMyBrian has the potential to capture 5% of the market at a rate of £75 per customer per month within the next two years. However, input from a CTO is needed to understand the potential expenditure required to scale the product.
My current expenditure is

Increasing Revenue Streams

MeetMyBrian has the potential to create additional revenue streams and make a real impact through the following:

Real-time Compliance Rating

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is moving away from yearly inspections and towards a real-time compliance rating. There are six key areas, and one of them will be based on the experiences and feedback of stakeholders.
MeetMyBrian has facilitated a total of 140k+ visits for over 13K visitors, providing numerous opportunities to collect real-time feedback for care homes to improve their services.

Improved Stakeholder Experience

By staying in close contact with residents' families and collecting their feedback, MeetMyBrian can offer valuable business intelligence to care homes and improve the overall stakeholder experience. Currently, most care homes rely on review systems such as, but MeetMyBrian can offer a more reliable and comprehensive feedback solution.


MeetMyBrian is a unique and valuable visitor management solution for care homes.
It offers a competitive advantage with its family visitor booking service and lower price compared to other options on the market. There is potential for significant revenue through monthly service fees and the collection of anonymous feedback. With the right technical team and marketing support, MeetMyBrian has the potential to achieve success in the care home market.

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