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Setup MeetMyBrian

The most important steps to follow when setting up MeetMyBrian for the first time.

Step 1

Create your desired visit type/location by clicking on the "+" icon.
Essential Care Giver
Visitor Pod etc.

You can create as many as visit type/locations required.
Please change the name 'default' to your desire visit type name. You can change its name, but you cannot delete it. Click on the plus icon to add more.

Step 2

Once you have created your desired visit types/locations, they will appear in the section below, and you can create unique important messages and timings for each of them.
Important message will be the first page the visitors see, so you must write a meaningful advice/message to the visitors.
Once you set important messages to each section, you must put a standard visiting window applicable to each visit type/location. The time you set here will apply from Monday to Sunday.
You can now customise each day by clicking on the edit icon next to each day's timings.

Click on the edit icon to see the visit timing slots. You can use the time slot as either ARRIVAL time or SLOT BOOKING time.

Red: Blocked, White: Open
Click on any slot and make changes to 'block the time slot. Do it in reverse to unblock the time slot.

Arrival Time

You may ask the families to select a half an hour slot as their arrival time, and once they are in, they can stay as long they want to or for a specific length according to the home policy.
Kindly mention in the important message section if you use the time slot as the arrival time and restrict the visit duration 30mins in the visit preference section.

Slot Booking

You can also ask the families to book their entire visit duration in advance before the visit. If you expect the families to book the entire visit duration, you can adjust the maximum duration of the visits in the visit preferences section.

Step 3

After setting up the timings, you must set the visitors' preferences in the bottom section of the settings page. These preferences are common for all the visit types/locations you have created.
Please note that any changes in the preferences section will apply to all the visit types/locations.

Step 4

It is now the time to add residents and families. You can add as many families as possible under each resident and restrict their entry to a specific visit type/location if necessary. Click on the PLUS icon to access the resident add form.
Before you add your residents and families, PLEASE add some dummy residents and a couple of staff as relatives to test the system so that you can all see how it works and how it works from the families' side!

Step 5

Make a few sample bookings from your dummy logins to check if the visits are happening in your desired way and adjust the visit preferences or timing, if necessary, in the settings page. All the booked and cancelled visits will appear in the visitor's diary, and you can also make bookings for families on behalf of them.
Use the 'new booking' option in the visitor diary to make bookings on behalf of families.

Step 6

Once you are happy with your testing, you can now add the actual residents and their families. The families will receive a welcome email with the login credentials to activate their accounts.
You can click the 'Help & Support' option to find the answers to the most common questions you may have when using MeetMyBrian. We regularly update this page. If you need further help and advice, please use the support chat on your screen's bottom right-hand side.


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