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In this page you can do numerous functionalities that include resident and visitor management and their privilieges.

Features included

Manage resident
Search residents
Manage visitors
Visitor privileges
Resend login info
Archive resident

Add or manage residents & Visitors

Click on the Plus Icon to get the resident add form as you see in the image.

Now you’ll see a form. Fill in the relevant info and submit. Now the resident is added, and the visitors will receive the login credentials.

How to resend the visitor login info if they don't receive it?

Until a visitor account is active, you can see a mail icon. It disappears once they activate their portal. Click on this icon to resend the welcome email.


What happens when resident info is deleted?

Deleted resident information moved to the archived section.
You cannot retrieve back the resident & relative information once deleted.


What is a special booking privilege?

The families with special booking privileges can select any date and time, and no visit preferences or conditions will be applied. They will let you know their arrival time, and they can stay as long as they want to or up to a specific duration according to the care homes' visitor policy.


How to add a visitor without an email address?

Select the NO option if a visitor doesn't have a valid email, or you don't know it. We create a dummy email to add the visitor.


What happens when you temporarily suspend a visitor account?

When a visitor account is suspended, they can only book virtual visits. You need to unblock their account to make the in-person visits.

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