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Visitor Sign-in App

Managing the Visitors

Since you have enabled the sign-in app, you can now view an additional tab in the main menu, 'External Visitors'.
We have categorised all this page's visitors under three categories
Approved Visitors
Resident Visitors
Approved Visitors
The individuals who appear in this tab are pre-approved by the care home. All these visitors will have a QR code and passcode to fast-track their entry and leaving through the sign-in app.
Residents & Resident Visitors
The existing residents and the resident visitors automatically appear under the relevant tabs as soon as you enable the sign-in app. When you add new residents and their families, their information will automatically be updated here.

How to pre-approve a visitor?
click on the + icon on the right-hand side and submit their information. The sign-in credentials will be sent through email if a valid email address has been submitted.

How to edit visitor information?
Click on the avatar/name/card to access the complete information, and click on the edit icon to enable the edit feature.
The care home admin can also edit the unique passcode of the visitor if needed.
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