We Will Pay You for Your Video of GoVenture World

We want to share videos of people playing or describing GoVenture World and we are reaching out to our player community to offer you payments of up to US$50 for your video.

Here is how it works
You record a video of yourself playing and/or describing GoVenture World.
You submit the video to us for review to make sure it meets the guidelines.
We pay you money and share your video with the world.

Program Rules
We will pay US$20 for videos of satisfactory quality and up to US$50 for videos of good quality. We will review your video and make you an offer that you can choose to accept or refuse.
Must be a video of you describing or playing GoVenture World.
Must be more than 2 minutes long.
We do not expect high-quality production — a casual video will be just fine.
You cannot be negative about the game. To clarify, we are not paying you to do a positive review. You do not have to say that you love the game. You can choose to describe the game without expressing an opinion about the game and we may still buy the video. If you do love the game and want to express that in your video, we love that too.
English language only.
No advertising, profanity, or anything inappropriate.
If we buy your video, you can retain ownership of it but grant us the rights to share it in segments or in its entirety on social media and other channels. We only want the published video not the source files.
Payments will be made using PayPal so you must have a PayPal account.
You may only submit one video for review and purchase at this time.
This program may end at any time, so submit your video quickly.

If you plan to submit a video, let us know by posting a comment in the GoVenture World Player Community

Video Tools
You can use whatever video capture and editing tools you are comfortable with, but here are some free tools:
— screen and video capture tool
— screen and video capture tool

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