The following page list new features and upgrades made to the business simulation. Latest updates are at the top.
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NOV 2020
Replaced with the new GoVenture Entrepreneur
GoVenture FOOD TRUCK has been replaced with the new GoVenture ENTREPRENEUR —
JULY 2020
Simplified Signup Form
Signing up to GoVenture no longer requires an Address, State/Province, or Telephone Number. This reduces the personal information needed to play GoVenture to just Name, Email, Country, and School/Organization.
New Education Bundle
Over 50 new lesson plans and activities designed to bring business education alive in the classroom. Every key decision a business owner needs to make in starting and running a business is addressed. Replaces the original Education Bundle.
Accounting Videos
More than 35 accounting videos are now available for students to learn accounting terminology and principles.
JULY 2019
Play Limits Added
New feature added for instructors to control student play. When creating or editing a GROUP, instructors may optionally limit play to control student progress and allow you time to review performance results.

There are two optional settings and you can use one or both:
Maximum Business Days To Play
Last Calendar Day Allowed to Play.

For example, you may only want students to stop playing at 30 business days to allow you time to review results. You can change these settings at any time by editing the GROUP.
APRIL 2019
Assessment Strategies Document
A new document is available for instructors that presents best practices and options for assessment and grading. Also includes new Student Experience Report activity. The document is available in the INSTRUCTOR GUIDE.
Student Onboarding Best Practice
A new document is available for instructors that presents best practices and options for onboarding students to GoVenture. The document is available in the INSTRUCTOR GUIDE.
Learning Guide & Activity Book
A helpful new resource is now available for students and instructors. The Learning & Activity Book helps students learn the fundamental concepts of business and entrepreneurship. The 240-page book is easy to read with large text and lots of examples to make fundamental business concepts easy to understand. Students can use it as a reference for topics they need help with or read it from cover to cover to gain practical business wisdom. To access the Guide, log in to the GoVenture website and look for the Guide in the yellow Tutorials & Guides tile.

MARCH 2019
GoVenture FOOD TRUCK Launched
GoVenture MICRO BUSINESS & ACCOUNTING have been merged together and renamed GoVenture FOOD TRUCK. You do not need to change how you use GoVenture with students as the programs are identical, but there are three things to note:
FOOD TRUCK uses text and icons of a Food Truck instead of a Mobile Cart when selling Ice Cream, Hot Dogs, or Popcorn. It still uses a Mobile Cart when selling Jewelry, Clothing, or Electronics.
Change your student directions/materials to refer to FOOD TRUCK instead of ACCOUNTING. This is particularly important when directing students or the bookstore to buy GoVenture.
You need a new INSTRUCTOR account as FOOD TRUCK is set up as a separate product. We will keep your MICRO BUSINESS or ACCOUNTING accounts active for a few months in case you need any student history.

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