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GoVenture Video Project

We are looking for students who enjoyed playing GoVenture and are willing to share their experience in a short video.


Video has to be at least 1 minute long.
The video will be posted publicly on our social media and other channels. Your name, school, and location will not be identified. You have to agree to give us permission to edit and share the video publicly.

Content of the Video

Our objective is to use these videos to encourage other instructors to use our GoVenture business simulation in their courses for the benefit of their students. Your enthusiasm and experience will help us demonstrate the valuable learning experience that is possible.
You do not need to introduce yourself, just go directly to talking about GoVenture by answering these questions:
(1) Describe your experience with GoVenture. Example: What did you expect when you found out you had to play a simulation game, did it meet your expectations, did you have fun, etc.
(2) If you played GoVenture CEO or Entrepreneur or World, describe the type of business you were running (industry/product) and the strategy you used to succeed. If you played the GoVenture Life & Money simulation, describe your goals in the simulation and if you achieved them.
(3) If anything happened that was a surprising, interesting, or memorable, please share.

How to Record the Video

You can use any camera of reasonably-good quality, including your smartphone.
Check to make sure you are in a location with proper lighting so that the video appears clear. Try not to have the camera pointing at a bright window.
For clear audio, the microphone should not be further away from you than the length of your arm.
Hold camera landscape (sideways so the image is wide) not portrait (tall).
We will edit out any flubs so you don't have to worry about that. If you flub a word or thought, just start that part over again and continue talking.
Send the video using a file sharing system that you may already have access to (Google Drive,, Dropbox, etc.), or you can try . Do not send by email. Send the file link to


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