Google ads optimisation



, we essentially retail multiple European brands. The Design Part is essentially an e-commerce furniture and home decor retailer. Some of our competitors are:

We have about 19K products on the store.

Our profit on sold products are about 40% - 50%. (This is standard for retail).

Currently our Google ads results are about 100% or lower. This is a problem, because this means the following:

35k spent = 70k in revenue

On 70k revenue, our profit is about 32K, which means that we already lost 3k and this excludes any of the additional costs like: shipping, returns, damages etc.

This is why we are looking for a return of at least 200-300%.

Our current main campaigns:

1. Smart shopping campaign on all products.

2. Brands campaign. (we essentially have a campaign for all brands that we sell. And each brand has an ad set with its own keywords. We try to keep the ad set keywords simple, so mostly only use [brand name] [brand name buy] etc. We don’t try to be specific, since TDP is a retailer, and we want to focus on people that want to buy our brands.

E-commerce technology: Shopify

Feed optimisation: We are using Google Shopify feed by Adwords Robot as a Shopify app.

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