All about links in Coda.

The last couple years, we’ve been on a mission to make the experience of copy/pasting a link into Coda as fun and powerful as possible — giving you options to display a URL with a simple card, an embed, or with a live data connection via . But until today, those features were hard to find.
Now any time you paste or type a link into Coda, we’ll ask how you want to display it. A plain no-frills URL? A title and card? Or do you want a full-on embed with a Pack to fetch live data.
We worked hard to ensure that this feature doesn’t interrupt your flow. If you’re taking notes or pasting in lots of links, you can keep working. You don’t need to make a choice as you can always change it later.
Creating a Link
When you paste or type a link, you’ll be offered a choice of display types — link, title, card, embed or Pack. Note that the options to display with a title, as a card or using a Pack will not show if not supported. This feature is currently not supported in table cells, but we’ll be adding that soon.
As an example of this interaction, here is the result of choosing each of these display types.
Editing a Link
After you’ve inserted your link you can change the display type at any time by clicking the edit button when hovering over the link or using the hyperlink (Ctrl + K or ⌘ + K).
Using Formulas Directly
As with many features in Coda the link display types are provided by behind the scenes ー we use our own building blocks :).
These can be directly added to the doc’s canvas or to a column in a table. Here are the details.
to display as a link with an optional title.
) to display as a card.
to display as an embed.
We think this will help you bring more content seamlessly together in one place. Here are just a few examples of what you can use it for.
Making a central hub of press coverage related to a given topic.
Track the live status of a pull request in your meeting notes with the Github Pack.
Use the Figma Pack to embed a Figma design and have it update in real time.

For more ideas and templates to get you started check out the Coda .
Let us know what you think! Feel free to comment on this post or reach out to our customer support. We’re always interested in your feedback.
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