To connect and use the Canon IJ Network Tool, setup IJ Start Canon.

The is used to change the Canon printer's network connection. If you want to check your Canon printer's connectivity with other devices, you can use the Network utility programme to determine where its connection is set up. Furthermore, if your printer has been reset, the network utility tools can connect it to new or different devices.

To find a new network or reset a Canon printer, use the Network Utility programme. The network utility tool is also known as your printer's network modifier. When you open the Canon printer's box and configure its LAN network and WiFi, you must install the network utility tool, which can be either a driver or software. For the LAN connection, you must purchase a LAN network router. More information on installing and running the network utility tool can be found below.

What is the prime objective or application of the IJ Network tool?

The Canon Network Utility Tool is a tool that is present in the printer or the device to which you are connecting the Canon printer. When a new printer is installed, the Canon Network utility or connects the Canon printer to other devices. The Canon printer may be in use when it is reset. Because it is not accessible from the base, the tool must be installed from the main website or the official Canon website.

Canon printers are now wireless. To connect them to other devices, a LAN WiFi network router is required. As the next step, the network utility tool Canon will be required. If these two requirements are not met, the printer cannot be set up wirelessly with other devices such as a computer, laptop, or Mac. If the Canon printer has been reset or is brand new, the tool's purpose is to connect it to a new network.

When using the IJ Network Utility Tool, you should do the following

Before or while using the IJ Network utility tool, there are a few things to keep in mind. The following are some tips for using the Canon Network tool:
When performing any print operation, you must not use the IJ Network tool.
Stop printing or take a break before using the network utility tool.
Before using the network utility programme, users must first connect the Canon printer to the WiFi LAN network.
If there is a LAN connection problem, the user must inspect the LAN WiFi cable and any cuts in the cable.
Before using the connection, replace any damaged WiFi cables.
When the security programme on your device issues a warning, the next step is for you to grant access or permission so that the tool can use the secure software.
When the printer is connected, the user has the option of changing the account. When switching accounts, the user must exit the app to change the account.

How can I possess the IJ Network Utility tool's software?

The IJ network software and application are not supported by the device. It can only be obtained from Canon's official website. Following these steps will allow you to download the IJ Network UtilityTool.
Now open the browser on your device.
Enter the company's official website,, into the browser.
The help page is now loading.
There is a Download option there. Simply click it.
The download will begin shortly.
The Setup download will be saved to your device's Downloads folder.
This completes the IJ Network tool download.

How do I install the IJ Network Utility Tool software?

After downloading the IJ network tool driver or software, the next step is to launch or install it on a Windows or Mac computer. Follow the steps below to install or run the IJ Network Utility driver or software for Windows and Mac.
Now navigate to the Downloads section of your device or browser.
There you can find the software setup or driver.
Setup should be clicked twice.
If you are a Windows user, launch the app.
If you're using a Mac, enter your Mac's ID and password.
Then launch and install the software or driver for the Canon Network utility tool.
Continue with the installation by following the remaining instructions on the screen.
That's all there is to it; the IJ Network Utility tool installation was a success.

Setup of the IJ Network Tool

You can configure the IJ network utility tool by following the instructions below.
Check the LAN connection first.
Next, switch the router.
The printer should then be connected to the device via a wired connection.
At this point, launch the IJ Network tool from the device.
After that, the process of looking for a link will begin.
Now, from the menu, choose Setup.
then press the OK button
On the following screen, select OK as well as the Canon USB type.
The configuration of the IJ Network's Utility tool is now complete and successful.
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