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Airdev Bootcamp Capstone Scope - Class Creator


This coda doc gives an overview of your capstone project, where you’ll create your most complex app to date: Class creator, a web application that allows users to manage payments and communication for students in their live online classes (workshops, fitness, etc), and students to sign up for classes.
Why does this doc look different
This is the scope format we use for real client projects at Airdev. It’s a good practice to figure out how to understand app requirements in a different format.
How to build this app
On the following page is where your scope lives. It’s a complete document of exactly what you’ll need to build, separated into “screens” (visual mockups) and “features” (app functionality).
Help resources
Within each of the you’ll see links to some help articles we’ve put together to help you through some of the more challenging parts of the build.
Make sure to also check the Canvas and if you need some help with anything Canvas related.
Setting up your app pages
For this project you’re going to need to create a new Bubble app from the Canvas template, and add blocks to it using the chrome extension. All the pages and blocks you need for each page are listed under and all of these are available under the free plan.
Once you add your pages/blocks, you’ll need to make small adjustments to them so that they match the mockups provided under (changing text, hiding groups, copying inputs). We’ve designed this project to require as little design tweaking as possible, but there’s still a little bit you’ll need to do.
When removing elements from a page, remember that sometimes it’s easier just to group them, then hide the group and set it to collapse, than it is to delete the individual elements and adjust the parent groups height. Many Canvas elements already come with elements grouped in this way, making it quick and simple to collapse them.
Take note of the Canvas header especially - instructions for setting that up can be found
Costs associated with this project
Unlike your other assignments, there is one payment you’ll need to make to do this assignment: a Bubble personal plan which costs $25 / month. There is, unfortunately, no way around this - a paid plan is required in order to use backend workflows, and backend workflows are a critical skill which you’ll need to complete this assignment. If you can, you can try to complete this project within 3 weeks so that we can use the remaining week to downgrade it - that way you can cancel your paid plan after that and you’ll have paid for only one month.
Playing with the app theme
While we want you to build the app according to the scope, feel free to riff on the theme of classes someone can join/create!

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