Why I decided to join Turnstile

(and why you might want to join me)
The founders and what we built together at our last company.

Longer version:
I joined Turnstile in 2021 as the first hire.

This was a pretty easy decision based on a journey that started in 2014 when I recruited a talented engineer (Mike Babineau) to work with me at a startup. We became friendly and Mike shared a compelling fintech business idea with me. Two years later, he asked me to join him as that idea was now a real company - Second Measure. We had an incredible run at Second Measure- building a diverse team of 70+, raising $25M+ from top investors, and ultimately being acquired by one of the biggest data+finance firms on the planet (Bloomberg).

Mike and Lillian (Chou, Second Measure’s co-founder/coo) created a transparent, inclusive and equitable culture early on. Hiring decisions leaned on who people were at their core just as much as their skills+experience (we had zero tolerance for egos). When a bunch of the team came down with colds (pre-covid), Lillian posted a message to slack - the gist being: “Stay home and take care of yourselves if you aren’t feeling well. We want you to be happy+healthy and we have plenty of smart people who can cover for you”. We developed a data-driven compensation system that promoted fairness and broke down gender, racial, education, and other types of pay gaps that disproportionately affect minorities.

I won't sugar coat it- there were definitely heated discussions at times (as there should be when trying to build something special), but people always treated each other with respect and everyone supported the outcomes (even if they weren’t what every person wanted). We had a 2.5 year span with zero employee attrition, won several "Best Places to Work" awards and had a 4.8/5 Glassdoor rating - all of which I believe reflect the quality of the culture we built there. I can truly say I've never learned more, built tighter bonds, or made closer work friendships than I did at my time with Second Measure.

So why am I talking so much about my last company? Well, Mike and Lillian (along with Jordan Zamir, a former Second Measure exec) are now the founders of Turnstile. Having worked with them for the last 5 years - I know they are fiercely committed to their team and focused on building something innovative.

because of the people and Mike and Lillian (Chou, coo/co-founder) were insistent on high standards, not only with technical/business competency, but also as it related to culture. We were surgical in making sure anyone joining could do all of the things they said they could, but as important- were compassionate, quality human beings.

The 3 founders of Turnstile: Mike, Lillian and Jordan (Zamir - a former Second Measure exec as well) all share the belief that strong culture will drive our success - and is even more crucial as we'll be a fully remote team. And while culture will ultimately be different at Turnstile as we start from scratch, we'll have the same high standards for bringing together bright, thoughtful and compassionate people set on


Other stuff:
When I first met
in 2014 and saw the early makings of Second Measure, I never dreamed that idea would grow into an incredible team of 70+, raise $25M+, and be acquired by one of the biggest data+finance firms on the planet (Bloomberg).

I have been so fortunate to work alongside some of the brightest (and genuinely good) people anyone could ask for and I'm proud of what we built over the years.
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