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Matt's Work Zen


Welcome to Work Zen
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by Matt, Program Director at

"I needed to focus on my deluge of daily work tasks."

I’ve tried a number of productivity tools, but what’s always worked best for me is a combination of notes and tables: that’s what drew me to Coda and why I’ve been hooked ever since.
Through Coda, I’ve found a one-stop-shop for full-stack task management: managing everything from To Do's, to project organization, to note taking.
I've structured this doc to incorporate task management techniques I've found most useful during my career along with some cool features I found in various productivity docs in the Coda Templates gallery (e.g. ).
This doc is broken down into the following sections:
: This is the master To Do table that keeps track of all tasks I need to work on, from the current day to any day in the future.
: This is essentially a digital version of my notebook. Sometimes I need to capture quick and dirty notes on the fly. I review this section at the end of each day to ensure any action items are captured accordingly.
Trackers (e.g. ): I keep a separate tracker for projects and initiatives requiring several To Do's and/or notes to keep an eye on. I then set up an automation to appear in my To Do table to check each tracker on a daily, 2x/3x per week, or weekly basis.
Notes (e.g. ): This is where I organize meeting notes I need to save (e.g. client meetings). After a while, many of these notes become outdated, so at that time, I will either delete them or move them to a notes archive doc to prevent this section from becoming unwieldy.

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