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Opera GX - September 2022 - Minecraft

Content Brief

Please cover all of the requirements mentioned in Talking Points, Call to action, and Video description & Pinned comment. They are mandatory for the content to be approved.
Talking points
Please cover ALL five (5) talking points below using relevant footage.
Customize your browser as you customize Minecraft worlds:
1.1 Customization:
No other browser allows you to customize your experience as much as Opera GX does! You can pick some of our special themes, wallpapers or prepare everything from scratch and pick colors you like the most + upload your own background photos.
Tips: Compare a normal boring browser with a Minecraft painting or potato/empty world. Then switch to your own beautiful Minecraft world and introduce Opera GX's Customization. Please show this from the Easy Setup in browser's upper right corner - not in Settings.
1.2 Animated Wallpapers:
Pick one out of many animated wallpapers that you can find at ! We recommend: &
Tips: Show to your audience where they can find animated wallpapers ->Customization -> Get more wallpapers. Pick one that you like the most and show how it looks on the browser!
Lags? FPS Drops? Dump those into a lava lake!
GX Control:
When you want to keep many tabs open, but you don't want your browser to hurt your gaming performance, you can use the GX Control panel to limit the CPU or RAM that you are willing to let your browser use. Now you can check the recipes, builds and enchantments guides while playing Minecraft at the same time!
Tips: Show the panel and how RAM Limiter and CPU Limiter work. You can compare the inside of your PC without using GX Control to some footages of the Nether, Lava lakes, fires, working furnace, exploding creepers to add some funny moments to the integration.
Exploring and building calls for a soundtrack:
GX Player:
GX Player lets you keep your favorite streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music) in one place and play music directly from the sidebar in Opera GX. Whenever you start streaming video or audio in your browser tabs, GX Player automatically pauses, and then resumes itself once the tabs are finished.
Tips: Click on the sidebar, display the music app(s) you use the most and mention the other music apps available.
Building the hype for GX Minecraft server - MOST IMPORTANT
ATTENTION: Make sure to visit the Opera GX Minecraft server to record some footage to showcase how it looks like in your integration. If the Opera GX Minecraft server happens to be under maintenance, please contact us in the chat for substitute footage.
Opera GX's Minecraft Server:
Opera GX just launched a vast Minecraft Server together with their Discord Community! You can now have fun in different maps for modes like Survival Minecraft (SMP), Duels, Bridges and maybe even Survival Games - all merged into a cohesive, beautiful world!
Join Opera GX Minecraft server and participate in our competitions, giveaways and events. By playing on Opera GX's Minecraft server, you will earn coins with which later you could buy a lot of cosmetics.
Tips: Show your viewers how to join the Opera GX Minecraft server:
Server IP: | Version: 1.19
Show fragments of the gameplay or finish the integration at the spawn point on Opera GX Minecraft server. There is a big Opera GX logo there - don't miss it!
We also strongly recommend you join the Opera GX Minecraft Discord server to find further tutorials and information in the Minecraft section:
5. GX Mobile:
Opera GX is also available on mobile (GX Mobile) and can be connected to the desktop version.
Call to action
The call to action aims to get your viewers to click your personal tracking link and download Opera GX, either on their desktop or mobile.
You can be creative and do this part in whichever way you think would be exciting and clear to the viewers.
Video description & Pinned comment
Place your personal tracking link & the Opera GX Minecraft server IP to the description and pinned comment with a call to action (you can find some more examples at the end of this page):
"Download Opera GX for free: [PERSONAL TRACKING LINK] and have fun in the new Opera GX Minecraft server playing your favorite gaming modes! Server IP: | Version: 1.19"
Your personal tracking link must be in the first lines of the description.
You can find your personal tracking link from your campaign page on MatchMade platform under "Install Page Link." It should look like this: "". Please contact us if your tracking link is not active (it leads you back to Matchmade platform when clicking onto it).
Opera GX logos: /
Opera GX Minecraft server IP: | Version: 1.19
Opera GX Minecraft Discord server:
Please record and use your footage for this integration, showing the features NOT from the welcome screen page but inside the browser.
Use your recording of how you use the browser (download Opera GX
) while showing the features.
DO NOT use the GX's video footage. Instead, show that you are using the browser on your computer.
Good integration examples
Good video description examples
Opera GX gives you complete CONTROL over your RAM & CPU usage. Kill CPU-draining tabs, free up network space, and divert resources to where you need them. Download now for FREE: [PERSONAL TRACKING LINK].
The Opera GX Gaming Browser comes complete with Twitch & Discord integration. What more could you need? Download GX today for free: [PERSONAL TRACKING LINK].
No gamer should be without the Opera GX browser. Twitch & Discord integration, Award-Winning design, and a built-in VPN. And all completely for FREE! Download now: [PERSONAL TRACKING LINK].
Join millions other of gamers optimizing their setup with the Opera GX browser. Throw resource-hungry browsers away, and click with confidence with Opera GX: [PERSONAL TRACKING LINK].
Press F to pay respects to traditional web browsers. Opera GX is here to take over! Designed and built for gamers, once you download, you'll never go back. Download today for free: [PERSONAL TRACKING LINK].

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