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Opera GX - December 2022 - 25-40sec integration

Basic Info & Timeline

Basic Info
About Opera: Opera GX is a special version of the Opera browser built specifically for gamers.
Deliverable: an integration between 25-40 seconds, with NO other web browser's logo shown on the screen during the integration.
Placement: starting between 0:05-0:45 of the video
Content publishing window: December 7th - 14th 2022
You will be able to pick a publishing date when accepting the offer from us. If needed, please send us a message in the chat to change it to another date within the publishing window above.
After accepting the deal:
Read through the Content Brief (2nd tab at the top of the page - if you are viewing this on a mobile device, it will be at the bottom of the screen)
Remove/Unpin other web browsers from your taskbar and close their windows so that they are not shown in the integration. We cannot guarantee the payout of the deal if other web browsers' logos are shown in the sponsored video during the integration part.
Download Opera GX
and try out the features you want to cover in the integration. You can check how to use all features of Opera GX
Start working on the integration.
Submit your integration draft for review:
Send your draft as an unlisted YouTube video (With subtitles enabled) to us by clicking the “Submit Content” button on your campaign page. Please do this 7 days before the publishing date. For this campaign, you don’t have to submit the full video draft, an integration draft is sufficient.
If you can’t meet the deadline or no longer want to continue with the deal, please let us know as soon as possible.
Once you have submitted the draft, you can ignore automatic reminder emails. Also notice that it takes us a few business days from us to get back to you with our comments on your integration draft.
Wait for approval from Matchmade via chat
If the integration is approved → You can publish the video on the agreed publishing date.
If the integration is NOT approved → check our comments via chat, make the necessary changes/corrections to your video draft, and resubmit the content for review again. DO NOT publish the content without approval.
Publish your content on the publishing date
If the integration is approved, you can publish your video on the agreed publishing date.
After the publishing date
We will check if the video is live and everything is going as agreed.
You will receive an email regarding how to fill in your payment details or how to send us an invoice within a few business days. After you have filled in your payment info, your payment will be made according to our .
At this point, if you have any questions, please check out our
. If you still cannot find an answer, please get in touch with our Customer Support team.
We cannot make payments to Russia and Belarus due to the current restrictions. If your bank account(s) is in Russia and/or Belarus, please do NOT accept this deal. If you have accepted the deal at this point, kindly send us a message in the chat.
Do NOT use the GX’s official footage (trailer/demo). Show that you are using the browser on your own computer. Do NOT show the features from the welcome screen page, but inside the browser.
Do NOT have any other web browsers on the screens/taskbars during the integration. For example, make sure you don't have a Microsoft Edge logo pinned in your taskbar or an active Google Chrome window running in the background.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them via chat.
Be enthusiastic about the talking points. We always aim for long term partnerships, so a successful deal may result in another partnership opportunity and/or offer to buy out your content to use in the brand's display campaigns.
Please make the integration in the same language as your channel’s main language.
Be sure there’s no YouTube ad during this integration and that there is no other sponsor of this video.
While showcasing the Opera GX browser and specific features, please try to follow this flow: A wide view of the browser to understand where the feature is > zoom in > details of how it works. Each topic must be addressed as a pain point initially, followed by the features that help solve the problem.
Do NOT play a mobile game or a game on a console.
If you worked with Opera GX before elsewhere or have multiple ongoing deals, please create a new integration for every deal, as re-using/copying from another integration is not allowed.
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