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Hunting Clash, July 2021

Hunting Clash Campaign

Basic Info

*You can participate in either
or Hunting Clash campaign
(not both, please choose one of them)

Minimum 90 seconds of YouTube integration
Ad should start within the first 25% of the video (80sec) + add a reminder at the end (10sec)
Cover all talking points and Call-to-Action
Set publishing date: from 29th to 31st of July
Talking Points are featured in the slide deck below:

Requirements and Restrictions

Send your unlisted content for review via the
and wait for approval before publishing it.
You need to do this at least 7 days before the agreed publishing date.
Please refrain from needless bad-mouthing of the content and advertiser but be honest and constructive with any criticism you may have.
Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
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