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Traffic Puzzle - Youtube Campaign Brief

Traffic Puzzle - (
Publishing date: April 23-25, 2021
Content submission for approval: 7 days before the publishing date
You should submit the unlisted video here in
Talking points:
You don’t need to use these specific words, but the general gist is important.
Thank the sponsor: Mention that video is sponsored by Traffic Puzzle
Traffic Puzzle is a game combination of visual riddles & match 3 elements that create a unique brain quiz
Every level is different and unique
Game starts easy & relaxing but gets difficult over time
Game is free to play and you can download it from my link in the description
I’ve reached level XX, download the game and help me solve that level!
Quick reminder at the end of your video to again ask people to download the game using the link in the description.
Talking points example:
Before we go further in, I would like to thank Traffic Puzzle mobile game for sponsoring this video. Check the link in the description. The game is free and supports my channel.

Let me tell you a little story about what happened to me after starting to play it… at first it looked like another relaxing match 3 game, and even made me feel really confident about my skills but then the difficulty level started escalating very quickly especially after hitting level XX, which motivated me to keep playing the game.

So what's it all about? Traffic Puzzle is a game made from an interesting combination of visual riddles and match 3, creating a unique brain quiz on every different level and making it super satisfying to solve.

The game is totally free, so please download it from the link in my description and reach level 42 fast to help me finish that level. Please do it now, while you watch the rest of my video.
Make sure you are also in-shot when showing the game!
Technical Requirements:
Creator must install and play the game to understand the basics (
Be enthusiastic about the talking points. Remember, it's contagious and would result in your viewers giving the game a chance and contributing to a successful campaign and potential re-hire.
Utilize the game sounds and music.
Show the game on your mobile device, best to show the actual gameplay.
You will need to appear on the camera frame for the during the integration
45-60 seconds long clip.
Video integration must start at least 45 seconds after the beginning of the video and no later than half of the video overall.
Game info and tracking links in the description box must be on top and before any other text.
Blacklisted Topics: sex, alcohol, addictive, drugs
Video Assets:
Chop these clips up to show off other parts of the game too!

Text For YT Video Description
Use the following text as the first sentence of the video description.
Download Traffic Puzzle Free ✅ [influencer tracking link] reach level 42 fast to help me finish that level.

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