Hello, planks!

This is Hello, Planks!
"Hello, planks!" is a planking challenge and -tracker.
This started as a New Year's resolution: to build up a bit of strength and see how far I could take this.
Then, it became an engineering challenge: to build a new iOS app, to try out several frameworks, etc. and here it is: "Hello, planks!"
At its core, this is a stopwatch. A stopwatch that does not switch the screen off after 30 seconds (the first version did that! -- not helpful). It also keeps track of the times you have recorded, with some motivational statistics.
The app contains a big, round start/stop button in the middle and a list of previous planks. The longer the bars, the better. Longer than average planks are highlighted darker, so you want the longer and darker buttons at the top.
That's it. So far.

Simulator Screenshot - iPhone 14 Plus - 2023-08-06 at 10.00.09_iphone12miniblack_portrait.png
Simulator Screenshot - iPhone 14 Plus - 2023-08-06 at 10.02.17_iphone12miniblack_portrait.png
Simulator Screenshot - iPhone 14 Plus - 2023-08-06 at 09.51.42_iphone12miniblack_portrait.png
Version 1.2.6
Earn crowns by planking often, or long, or consistently:

Version 1.2.5
Allows you to delete unwanted planks.
Version 1.2.4
initial release

On the roadmap next:
Be able to delete unwanted (shorter?) planks
Challenges and achievements
a community to follow and give kudos to other people
and other exercises, e.g. wall sits

Anything else?

Do you have some feedback for us?

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This application does not store any data outside of the app. All data entered into the app remains within the app and is not shared with any third-party services or individuals. We take your privacy and data security seriously and have implemented measures to ensure that your data is protected within the app. However, please note that we cannot guarantee the absolute security of your data and recommend that you take appropriate measures to safeguard your device and data. By using this application, you agree to these terms and conditions.

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