Panorama Level 2

Students Page
The Students tab contains school-level data for each of your indicator bars (Academics, Attendance, Behavior, and SEL). You'll see a full list of every student in the selected school and how they're doing in each of the different subject areas. On the left you'll also have access to a birthdays dashboard, assessment data, interventions, and filters that allow you to narrow down the list of students you're looking at.
Key Questions:
What percentage of students are on track for college and career readiness?
Are we making progress in closing achievement gaps?
Which students are trending down in academics, behavior, or coursework?
Which students are receiving interventions?
Which students have a support plan in progress?
Is there a relationship between grades, chronic absenteeism, behavior incidents, and SEL competencies in our school?
Student Profiles
You can navigate to any student's profile by clicking on their name or picture. Their profile will show each of the different subject areas you've seen throughout the platform, but in much more detail. You'll see any interventions students are a part of, their current and full year's grades, day-to-day attendance, any behavior incidents, and self-reported SEL skills.
Navigating Student Groups
On this page you'll see all of the student groups you have created, as well as groups that have been shared with you.
Key Questions:
How are students in a specific homeroom doing on coursework, attendance, behavior, and SEL?
How are 9th grade girls performing in my school?
Are students who self-reported no SEL strengths in semester 1 and who were at risk for coursework making improvements in semester 2?
Static Groups: Static groups let you monitor specific students. Sample static groups might include: guided reading groups, sports teams, or students who are new to your school this year. To create a new static group, click on the student photos in the students tab. Click add to group, and name your group.
Smart Groups: Smart groups allow you to track a group of students with shared characteristics. For example, you can create a smart group to track students who are trending upwards in coursework. This group will auto-populate based on the latest data. To create a smart group, click the appropriate filters and click save.
District and School Dashboards
First, I will filter to see just my sixth and ninth graders.
However, after filtering, I think that viewing this information across race, rather than across school, will be more actionable and useful to me. So I use the View By feature to select the "Race Ethnicity" option.
Now I can see some specific areas where I can support groups of transitioning students across the district.
Export Reports
When you see an Export button, you will be able to export the dashboard data with or without applied filters.
When you click Export, you will receive a .csv file, which you can open and edit in Excel, Google Sheets, or import into another program. This file will contain the data that you are currently viewing in Student Success, including the specific school year and filters you have selected.
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