Notes Panorama

Hi Martin and team,
I'm following up on this request. We can turn this on and it will power by ALL progress assessments. It will not power by "snapshot" assessments, and we cannot pick specific assessments. It can only be the progress assessments as defined in our platform.
Most of the assessments we integrate with are Progress (or “Benchmark”) assessments--they’re assessments that are given multiple times a year, and meant to track progress against a given set of domains. By contrast, Snapshot assessments are things like State Assessments or the SAT/ACT, which are typically given once (sometimes twice) per year and are meant to get a picture of where a student stands at that specific moment in time.
Fairfield, St. Albans School, and St. Albans Town Center: We can power Academics with Lexia and iReady at the moment. (PNOA is also a progress assessment)
Bellows Free: We cannot power by assessments because you do not have any progress assessments. We might be able to power with IXL data but need confirmation whether you want to pull in Grades from IXL, or just the assessment data.
Note that Panorama treats both F&P and SBAC as "Snapshot" assessments, showing where a student stands at a certain point in time.

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