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Top Eleven - September 2021

Top Eleven - September 2021

Basic Info

Integration video of 45 - 120 seconds
The integration must be placed in the first 25% of your video, but not at the very beginning
Content publishing window:
September 23rd - 30th
If you would like to have different date from this publishing window than offered automatically, suggest it via chat


Things you must do / show / tell

Personal tracking link at the top of the description
Personal tracking link in the first pinned comment
Cover all KEY talking points
Have a strong call to action
Top Eleven must be the only sponsor in the video, be sure there’s no YouTube ad during this integration

KEY talking points

You must cover all of these
Top Eleven is a free-to-play football management game available on iOS, Android and web-browser
As a manager in Top Eleven, you are in charge of every aspect of your club. Signing players, running training, setting up formations and ultimately leading the squad to winning trophies is just part of the experience of managing!
You play against other Managers from around the world
There are 4 competitions happening in every Top Eleven season: The League, the Cup, the Champions League and the Super League
There’s lots of fun ways to play with your friends. You can team up and form an Association and play against other groups of Managers around the world
You can also set up a Friendly Championship and form a league with your friends, colleagues, housemates, family members, etc. All to compete for the bragging rights of who is the best football manager among you

Optional talking points

In addition to key talking points, you can mention for example these optional talking points
There’s something for every football fan in Top Eleven. You can customize your ground, you can collect jerseys and emblems, and lots more
Top Eleven has lots of fun, different events every season. Checking back in to the game regularly is important so you can see what’s on the way!

Call to action

It should be for people to click the link in the description and install the game.
Make sure to communicate this clearly at the end of the integration. You can be creative and gamify this part in whichever way you think would be interesting and also very clear to the viewers.
Also, please make a quick CTA to download the game at the end of the video itself as well.


Creative assets:
Personal tracking link
is provided to you via the chat closer to the publishing date
You can also find your personal campaign specific tracking link from your campaign page on Matchmade platform
More detailed content brief:


After accepting the deal you can start working on your content
Please let us know you have read this brief by messaging us via chat
for submitting the content for review at least
7 days before publishing date. If you can’t meet the deadline, please let us know.
Send your unlisted content for review via the
and wait for approval before publishing it
Before publishing date
Wait for approval from Matchmade via chat
If you get any requests to change something, do those changes and resubmit the content for review and wait for approval before publishing
You will receive your personal tracking link from us
You can also find your personal campaign specific tracking link from your campaign page on Matchmade platform
DL Publishing date
If the content is approved, you are good to publish on agreed publishing date
A few days after the publishing date
We check that the video is live and everything is as agreed
You will receive an email notification advising how to fill in your payment details or alternatively how to send us an invoice
After you have filled your payment info
Payout will be made within 14 days

Always remember

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them via chat
If there are any problems, delays or anything that might affect to you staying in the schedule, please let us know about it as soon as possible
In video, please refrain from needless bad-mouthing of the content and advertiser but be honest and constructive with any criticism you may have
Be enthusiastic with the talking points. Remember, it's contagious and would result in your viewers giving the game a chance and contributing to a successful campaign.
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