We want you (as a beta tester)!

Help us make sustainable and conscious consumption sexy.
We at Marko strive to make second-hand purchasing the default choice. We will make buying and selling second-hand online easy, fun and secure with our next-generation marketplace.
Step 1: Make buying and selling second-hand an amazing experience ✨
Step 2: Invite everybody to join our community 👭💃🧑‍🤝‍🧑👫🕺👬
Step 3: Make it even better 🚀
How can you help?
Join us as an early tester and work with us to polish the user experience and create truly the next-generation secondhand marketplace. Let's make Switzerland more sustainable and less wasteful together!
We will create several testing sessions where you can give us feedback on what you like and what still is missing and/or needs improvement.
Sure. But why?
As an early tester your voice is heard. Your input will shape the product and improve the user experience.
You have the gratitude of all future Marko users and we will recognise your contribution with a special life time badge on the marketplace.
And of course - we will compensate you for your time.
Great! Where do I sign-up?
Use this
to tell us more about yourself.
We are looking for people, who are passionate about secondhand and sustainability and are interested in shaping the future with us!

We will be in touch. ❤️ Marko.
Last Updated: February 2022

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