Centynal Synergized Insecticide Bottle Review

Centynal(tm) Synergized Insecticide is a foliar spray containing two active ingredients: an adulticide and a synergist. The combination provides effective knockdown and post-harvest insect control. This spray is labeled for use on barley.
This spray controls a broad range of insects on livestock and on premises. Specifically, it kills stable flies and black flies and controls lice on dairy cattle. It's also effective on other types of flies, such as mosquitoes and house flies. And because the formula is oil-based, it does not irritate the skin of animals or humans.
Deltamethrin is a pesticide that is widely used for the control of insects and weeds. It is available in many forms, including aerosols, sprays, dusts, granules, and wettable powders. It is also a common ingredient in Chinese chalk, known as Miracle Chalk. However, it is not registered in the United States.
contains deltamethrin, an insecticide, and the synergist, piperonyl butoxide. These compounds work together to provide high levels of knockdown and control for even the toughest stored product insects.
This pesticide is highly effective against R. dominica but was not effective against T. castaneum and O. surinamensis strains. However, this reduced susceptibility may be due to resistance to deltamethrin in these field strains. Despite this, deltamethrin is still effective against other species, including S. zeamais, Sitophilus granary weevils, and O. aphids.
This insecticide can be used both alone and in tanks mixed with other products. It can be applied directly to stored grains or as an empty bin treatment. It is highly effective against the listed pests, and is available in case quantities. To use this insecticide, be sure to read the label and follow the directions carefully.
Deltamethrin is highly effective against adult R. dominica. It killed adults and inhibited their production. It also suppressed the production of progeny. In tests on wheat, deltamethrin reduced mortality by 40-69% and decreased the number of adult eggs in the surviving adult.
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