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Holyoake 21/01/2024

Housekeeping Report

Sterling Collection Ltd
Flat 5, Holyoake Court, Pitshanger Lane, London, W5 1QH

Serviced by Maria Zambrano
Date of service: 21/01/2024
Time in: 12:00PM
Time out: 04:00PM
Cost of the clean: £130.00



Walkthrough ​
WhatsApp_Video_2024-01-21_at_12_14_45_38ead9bf_AdobeExpress (2).gif

13 -Toilet rolls (1 in use) 4 - Kitchen rolls (1 in use) 1 half in use - Handwash Half full - Laundry Washing Pods Half of less - Dishwaser Tablets Hairdryer
Cost breakdown
Cleaning Services (£25.00 x 4 Hours) - £100.00
Laundry (£10.00 x 3) - £30.00
Total: £130.00

We hope you enjoyed your clean today!
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