(Full Version) All-in-One Food Hub: Recipes, Meal Planner, & Grocery List

What to Eat

A doc for people who like food and order.
Hi there!
I created this doc to help automate answering the unending question of
“What to Eat?”
. One of my main sources of life joy is the opportunity to eat something tasty several times per day, but I found myself constantly trying to find smarter ways to organize all of the micro-decisions and information bits that go into keeping one’s body nourished.

This is an
all-in-one food hub
solving for several use cases and pain points I’ve faced:
Recipe library
, with ability to check off ingredients + steps as you cook
Restaurants library
, so I can add when I’m eating out to my meal plan
Meal planner
, that you can easily drag and drop
Grocery list
, that can parse how much of each item you need from your meal plan
Log of when you last purchased perishable grocery items
Random recommendation generator
, for the tired mind!
In its current form, it is
a live kitchen inventory (as I personally lack the discipline to open Coda every time I eat an egg), but you could create this with a new view and buttons to + / - inventory!

How to use this doc
Copy this doc!


This was configured with my lifestyle in mind
(read: food always on the mind)
, but can be simplified and customized via the various “⚙️ Config” pages. These are hidden pages, which can be unhidden or navigated to via "Manage ___” buttons on most pages. You can also read more about why this doc is structured the way it is in the

Hope you enjoy and use this tool to eat many delicious things! :)
[[Coming soon: Forum post about this doc where you can tell me if things are broken + your ideas for improvements]]

Attention free users
This doc exceeds the limits for free Coda users (all-in-one is a lot!). I recommend splitting this doc into 2 parts (what to eat + meal plan & grocery list + perishables) and Cross Docing from the meal plan to the grocery list. Alternatively, I’ve created two free-user-friendly versions with tradeoffs:
. Both of these totally work, but have reduced delight compared to using the full doc or splitting into 2!

P.S. The following are areas I’d like to explore, but were too much additional complexity for v1 or I didn’t know how to do it easily
Capturing more than the current week, i.e. add in what week you’re meal planning for, when you last ate at XYZ restaurant, for some fun metadata
Cleaning up the logic for the “Clear Checklists” button, as this isn’t natively supported by Coda
Pulling the restaurants library and restaurant attributes from Yelp or Google Reviews
Automatically adding items from your recipes to your grocery list — this is likely too advanced to casually build out, as the parser would need to be pretty smart to not clutter your grocery list with duplicates (e.g. tomato, tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, canned tomatoes, diced tomatoes, San Marzano tomatoes)
Also, this is a static, public copy of my v1 doc — I plan to update it only if I make any major updates!
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