Coda Doctorate Graduates

Doctorate Grads
Alexandre Husset
Health Tracker
Coda docs makes your productivity, at work but also personal needs so easy. With the entry fields, the buttons, and all the possible interaction we can go really really far. We can build real tools for teams, very easily.
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Alissa Golbus
Nonprofit Victory Bundle - CRM
A Doc is never completed, only abandoned.
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Anastasija Giberte
Latvia Travel Guide
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Andrew Milne
Build Your Own Dataverse
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Andy Farnsworth
The Mirror Sample Your Experience
Just get building. Coda is a prototyping environment, perfect for translating ideas into actions. Yes you need to think through what the user should be doing and how you’re going to get them to their end goal, but get in there and build, experiment, add and delete tables, buttons, etc.
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Anton Bondar
Agency Dashboard
Check the docs of others on the regular basis. The Coda Docket email is a perfect starting point.
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Asher Long
Three Stack Attack
Just to dive in. and at least gain a basic understanding of schemas and how to apply them.
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Axell Padilla
Project Task Manager
Always try to optimize everything in life, but love sincerely and value time with loved ones.
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Bill Stranberg
Plan your next camping trip!
Play & Explore
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Bud Uyeda
Music Cover Library with YouTube Videos
Understand the basics of relational database table design principles.
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Cherise Clark
Conversation Cafe
Watch all the formula fitness videos, try all the exercises, do all the practices, take the course. And above all, keep trying new things!
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Coby Young
Online Store Tracker
Take it slow and add to your docs one thing at a time.
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Connor McCormick
Email Campaign Template
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Craig Haynes
Playdate Booker
Watch the Essentials videos for a good grounding, then just start making and Google anything you can’t do.
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Devin Nash
Wedding Planner
Take the time to understand and educate your team on Coda fundamentals before you jump in. Building without a roadmap can create headaches down the road.
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FuMing Young
MishMash: Word-based Mafia Party Game
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Gretchen Teagarden
All in One School Planner
Instead of thinking about Coda first, think about a repetitive problem that you have. This led me to Coda where I could start to connect the recurring problem to a solution in Coda.
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Joel Banos Carranza
Roadtrip to Montreal
Look at other people’s documents and copy the things you like; figure out how they work (if possible), and adapt their work to fit your needs.
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Jose Antonio Montaos Linares
Finance Control Center
Get inspired by the doc gallery, great docs are there.
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K.T. Wiegman
Daily Check In
Start making! Small is okay! Small is better, even, while you’re learning, because trying to do too much at once is a great way to get confused and discouraged.
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Karina Mikhli
People Management Toolkit
Watch webinars, copy docs, and just try—and reach out to support if you get stuck.
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Karl Byrne
Climate Change in Focus
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Kateryna Burlaka
All-in-one-Place Personal Finance Tool
Stay Curious
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Marissa Griffin
All in One Food Hub: Recipes, Meal Plan, and Grocery List
Take the time to learn what Coda can do by looking through the available functions and the Doc Gallery so you have exposure and awareness to what can be created in Coda!
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Martin Vilches
Field Project Services Manager
Organize your thoughts, diagram those in a piece of paper or app, start with no fear!
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Matt Diffey
User Testing Template
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Melissa Byleveld
The Punchy Content Planner
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Nina Kastenauer
Visualize Your Energy Levels
“Stop perusing and start building”. With the tons of amazing Docs available in the gallery, it is so easy to remain passively consuming. Instead, open up a brand-new doc and start building something that solves a problem you’re having. And it doesn’t have to be big, start super simple. Create a form to share with your friends, asking what everyone will be bringing to the BBQ. Then, create a menu from the results. Start small, see what’s possible in an insanely short time, and soon you’ll be knee-deep in Coda-goodness, building ever more complicated features. And you’ll be loving it. Trust me ;-)
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Otto Kiefer
EMS Inventory Management
Just play with all the features Coda provides, and don’t give up if you don’t get your desired results at once.
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Paul Danyliuk
Viva Pizza Ordering App
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Moody Me Mood and Energy Tracker
Don’t be afraid to try 😁! And if you’re really unsure or stuck, don’t hesitate and ask 😁!
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Piet Strydom
Property Investment Club
Start making.
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Tank Cleaning CRM
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Scott Weir
Bears and Evolution Game
Just keep experimenting!
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Shweta Puri
Birthday Party Organizer
Think of the big picture and structure your thoughts before diving right into creating a CODA doc
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Susan Davis
Board Meeting Organizer
Just try it, start small but give it a chance. It’s worth it. Don’t be afraid of the blank page.
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Todd Olson
Mortgage Planner
Coda is so multifaceted and powerful. It is worth taking time on a regular basis to learn more about Coda by whatever means—Coda-provided videos, community, gallery, etc.
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Wess Daniels
Your Progressive Summarization Notebook
Watching all the learn videos is really the best way to start.
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