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Vaccine Policy


The purpose of this Vaccine Policy (the “Policy”) is to minimize transmission of viruses in the workplace by providing protection to workers and preventing community transmissions. The following vaccination will be required for ManifestHQ, Inc. (the “Company”):

Covid-19 (the “Vaccination”)


The Company requires that all of the following individuals maintain up-to-date Vaccination to protect the health and safety of personnel, visitors, and the community from infection:

Employees (part-time and full-time);

All individuals must certify that they have received the necessary Vaccination and maintain a copy of the certification within seven (7) calendar days of the Company’s request.

This certification is mandatory to work at the Company, and no documented medical or religious exemptions are accepted.

Procedures for Obtaining the Vaccination

All individuals must abide by the Vaccination schedule approved by their licensed healthcare professional. Paid time off will be given to employees in order to receive a Vaccination.

New hires must present proof of the required Vaccination at least seven (7) calendar days prior to their start date. New hires hired outside of the months when the Vaccination is available will be notified of the Company’s Policy and will be expected to comply with this Policy.

Exemptions from Vaccination

Only individuals meeting the conditions listed below will be exempted from the Vaccination:

Individuals with severe (life-threatening) allergies to components of the Vaccination. Documentation from a licensed healthcare provider is required.


All inquiries about this Policy shall be directed to the CEO or CCO. The Company reserves the right to amend, alter, and terminate this Policy at any time.

Version 1a – July 27, 2021
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