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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

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So much of our financial landscape moves at the speed of life—everything from stocks and cryptocurrency to retirement and savings account balances can be accessed with a few taps or swipes.
But retirement transfers remain decades behind, requiring hours of phone calls, faxes, and paperwork. It’s no wonder that 89% of transfers are never completed.
is transforming the opaque transfer process into a delightful experience. Now, account consolidation is just a few taps away—users can locate their savings, get the guidance to make decisions, and know where their money is, all in less than 15 minutes.
Do you have lost or abandoned retirement accounts? Manifest can help! Email us at or to learn how YOU can be one of our beta testers.
Not only will you be supercharging your retirement savings—you’ll be helping us create the first-ever digital plan-to-plan transfer solution.

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